What is the Irani.World platform

September 4, 2020

By Irani World Board


All people who have some connection to Iranian culture or ethnicity, are welcome to this platform. An Iranian business or professional profile on the Irani.World platform is just an option for the consumer. There is no obligation whether implicit or explicit to hire Iranian. However, Irani.World will significantly benefit immigrants, asylees, and other Iranian ex-pats in their new countries - to help them find services from Iranian speaking providers for their critical needs such as physical and emotional health and wellness. Iranian businesses and professionals can ease the ex-pat’s adaptation to their new country, culture, legal system, education system, and much more.

The Irani.World platform will first launch in United States, where the largest Iranian ex-pat community resides. Followed by Europe and the Persian Gulf. Once Iran become open to freedom, the final launch of this platform will be in Iran, with the hope of connecting Iranian businesses without becoming servants of today’s cyber giants.

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